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Welcome to One Eyecare, where unique and specialized eye care experience is within reach. Finding the right eye care can be confusing. Many people in Costa Mesa, CA think that all eye exams are the same, but there’s a lot more to it.

Our team is not just experienced; we’re passionate about giving you the best vision possible. From advanced technology to personalized treatment plans, our expertise makes us stand out in providing top-notch eye care. We are proud to be part of this elite group, bringing quality eye care closer to you.

Discover how choosing One Eyecare can transform your vision and overall health. Let’s explore together.

One EyeCare: Your Costa Mesa Optometrist

At One EyeCare, we are fully dedicated to improving and preserving sight. We offer many eye care services, from routine exams to treatment of eye diseases. Our highly skilled team welcome you to our practice where we strive to make patients feel at home. This personal care and individualized attention is why people throughout the Costa Mesa area come to One EyeCare for all their vision health needs.

Your vision care should be precisely personalized to your life. At every eye exam, our optometrist will take the time to understand your needs so we can offer you ideal solutions for your vision. If you’re currently having an eye issue, we invite you to contact us right away. Your comfort is our priority. There’s no need to wait until your next scheduled appointment.

From thorough eye exams and advanced dry eye therapy to myopia management and beautiful glasses, we’ve tailored our offerings to be exactly what you’re looking for.


Our Mission

Our mission centers on offering comprehensive eye care services that cater to the diverse needs of the Costa Mesa community. From conducting comprehensive eye exams to providing specialized treatments for ocular diseases, we are committed to enhancing your vision and overall eye health.

We believe in fostering a comfortable environment where patients feel heard and valued. By offering personalized care and attention, our team addresses every concern with expertise and compassion.

Through our commitment to excellence, we aim to be your trusted eye care specialists, guiding you towards achieving comfortable and healthy vision.

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Why Choose Our Optometric Practice

Personalized and Attentive Eye Care

With an emphasis on creating enduring relationships with patients, our optometry professionals strive to make every visit comfortable, educational, and centered on overall eye health.

We attentively listen to concerns, provide clear answers to all questions, and offer expert advice on how to keep vision at its best. Whether you’re seeking emergency eye care or just a routine check-up, expect complete focus and commitment from these dedicated experts.

Access to Advanced Technology

Our practice stands out because we use the latest eye care technology. This commitment helps us make accurate diagnoses and create effective treatment plans for various eye conditions and diseases.

We have top-notch machinery for comprehensive eye exams and advanced tools for fitting contact lenses, raising the bar for optometric care.

Commitment to Patient Education and Support

One key focus of our optometric practice is patient education during visits. Whether facing an urgent eye issue or considering options for specialty eyewear, individuals are provided with personalized recommendations derived from years of experience and a deep understanding of eye health.

This commitment ensures that each patient leaves feeling well-informed and reassured about their vision care plan.

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Technology for Healthy Eyes

Today’s eye care technology allows us to learn extensive information about your eyes in just minutes. That data, in turn, allows us to provide you with incredible care.

Our team of optometrists view your eye exam as our chance to fine-tune your prescription, detect the earliest signs of eye problems, and deliver you more comfortable vision. We believe in staying on top of the latest research in optometry. Our optometrist is proud to deliver our patients the best eye care in the industry today. We use new technologies in our office regularly, and we’ll explain any new treatments to you to make sure you continue to be in the driver’s seat of your optometry care.

Call Our Eye Doctor in Costa Mesa, CA, Today

At One EyeCare in Costa Mesa, CA, our optometrist near you and the rest of our optometry care team are here to help you feel your best. Whether you’re having an acute eye issue that requires professional attention or you simply need to renew your prescription for contact lenses, our eye care team has you covered. Contact us today by calling 949-208-9090 to learn more and set up your first appointment.


Invest in Your Vision Today—Schedule Your First Visit with Us!

We offer a plethora of options for top-notch eye care here in Costa Mesa, CA. One Eyecare leads with comprehensive services, from emergency treatments to specialized eyewear fittings.

This approach ensures your vision care is both effective and personal. Imagine achieving the best possible sight with expert help right in your community.

Reach out to One Eyecare today and take the first step towards clearer vision!


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Even though I knew I had good eyesight, i wanted to get my eyes checked because I haven’t done it for a while and I’m definitely glad that I did! Dr. Chun was extremely friendly, professional and provided all of the answers to my questions. Will definitely be coming for a yearly check up for my eyes now!

Andrew I.

Dr. Michelle Chun and the front receptionist Kevin are AMAZING. They made my experience fast and efficient. Will definitely be recommending them to all my friends and family. 5 STARS!!!

Eric C.

Fantastic service! My insurance runs out at the end of the month and they VERY quickly scheduled me and took care of everything. I’ve normally worn glasses but decided to go with contacts instead. Very thorough exam, contacts educations, etc.
Lastly, I highly recommend you do the additional offering Lastly, I highly recommend you do the additional offering of the back of the eye scan. The doctor was very thorough in reviewing my eye health.
Highly recommend!

Anthony G

Best eye exams ever!! If you need an eye exam, I definitely recommend visiting this office! Dr. Angela Tsay and Dr. Michelle Chun were extremely friendly and detail oriented. They took the time to go over and explain every concern I had for myself and for my husband. Dr. Tsay was also amazing with my 3 year old son! He wasn’t scared at all and actually enjoyed the eye doctor. And I always have a hard time choosing glasses but their optician Kevin was so helpful and skilled at picking out the perfect frames. I’ve also never met any optician who was so good at making the glasses fit perfectly to my face! I will definitely be coming back!

Crystal K

Dr. Wu helped me get Lasik and now my vision is great! No more contacts or glasses. I had dry eye afterwards but that was expected; followed instructions and now all is good. Thank you!

John W.

Frequently Asked Questions

What insurances do you take?

Vision Service Plan (VSP), Eyemed, and Medical Eye Services (MES). Please call our office, and one of our staff can always verify your insurance coverage.

What is covered under my insurance for an eye exam, glasses and/or contacts?

Every patient’s insurance and coverage can be a little different. Typically most vision insurances will have a copay for the eye exam and depending on the plan, the copay and allowances for glasses and contacts can vary between plans. Please give us a call and we can explain and answer any questions about your plan in detail with you.

Does my insurance cover both glasses and contacts if I need both?

Most insurances cover one or the other, but our staff is very knowledgeable at helping you maximize your insurance benefits to help you make the most of your vision coverage.

If I’m out of network, can I still make an eye appointment at your office?

Of course you can, we look forward to seeing you and finding the best optical solutions/recommendations for you at our office. For those that are out of network, we provide the most competitive pricing and deals for our patients. We’re also happy to provide paperwork for you to submit for insurance reimbursement.

At what age should a child get their first eye exam?

The American Optometric Association (AOA) recommends children around preschool age (between the age of 3 to 5 years of age) have their first in-person thorough eye examination to make sure they are set up for success in their school years ahead. An eye exam should include testing for vision related and ocular health developmental problems. If all looks good at this time, your eye care provider may advise the next eye exam be when your child starts school, around 5 years of age.

How often do you need an eye exam?

For patients who wear corrective lenses (whether it’s glasses or contacts), we recommend annual eye exams. For people who have certain health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or other eye diseases/conditions, their eye care provider may recommend more frequent checkups and management. For people who do not have any correction and under the age of 60, the recommendation is to see their eye care provider at least once every two years to evaluate both vision and health of the eyes.

Will my vision get worse if I wear glasses?

The answer is NO. This is a common misconception and may seem that way because the difference between sharp vision with glasses and fuzzy vision without glasses is obvious and noticeable. If we need glasses to see clearly, not wearing them will NOT prevent your vision from getting worse. In fact, straining or squinting to see may cause your prescription to get worse over time.

Is staring at a computer screen bad for the eyes?

As an adult, prolonged screen time does not cause long-term damage to the eyes but can cause eyes to feel uncomfortable such as eyestrain and tired eyes. Blue-light glasses for the computer can help relieve some of that intensity and eyestrain. For young children in school, prolonged close-up work can cause stimulation of the eye to grow causing the prescription to increase rapidly. We recommend implementing the 20-20-20 rule, every twenty minutes, look away from the screen and spend twenty seconds focusing on something at least twenty feet away to give your eyes a break.

What does it mean to have 20/20 vision?

20/20 vision is considered “normal” vision acuity (clarity or sharpness of vision) measured at a distance of 20 feet. When an eye doctor says you have 20/20 vision, you can see clearly at 20 feet what should normally be seen at a distance. If you have 20/100 vision, you must be as close as 20 feet to see what a person with normal vision can see at 100 feet.

What is the difference between an optometrist and ophthalmologist?

Both optometrists and ophthalmologists are eye care providers. Optometrists address your primary eye health needs and concerns including performing vision tests, detecting vision problems, prescribing corrective lenses such as glasses and contacts. They can also treat and manage many ocular health conditions including prescribing medications for red eyes/infections. Ophthalmologists address all medical and surgical issues with the eyes in addition to the services provided by optometrists. Think of your optometrist as being your primary care doctor for your eyes and your ophthalmologist as a specialist who can perform complex surgeries and treat medical conditions related to your eyes. Here at One EyeCare, we provide both optometry and ophthalmology services to our patients.

What is myopia management?

Recent studies have shown an emerging epidemic in myopia, or nearsightedness. In 2010, 28% of the world’s population was affected. It is projected that by 2050, that number could reach 50%. The earlier onset of myopia in a child the more likelihood of that child developing high myopia. High myopia is associated with higher risks of disorders such as glaucoma, retinal detachment, and cataracts.There are many ways to manage myopia progression including behavioral/environmental habit changes, atropine therapy, soft contact lenses, multifocal glasses and ortho-keratology. Your optometrist will evaluate your child’s progression and recommend the best approach and method to manage his or her myopia.

What is pink eye?

Pink eye otherwise known as conjunctivitis encompasses any type of inflammation to the conjunctiva from infection or allergies. Conjunctivitis can be caused by a virus, bacteria or allergies. Bacterial and viral conjunctivitis are highly contagious and easily spreadable from person to person. Allergic conjunctivitis is not contagious. If you suspect a pink eye, call and schedule a visit with your eye care provider who can diagnose and prescribe you the right treatment to resolve it.

What are the gray stringy things or specks that we occasionally see in our vision?

Floaters are spots in your vision due to the age-related changes that occur in the jelly-like substance (vitreous) that sits inside and fills the cavity of the eye. With time, this jelly-like substance liquifies and contracts causing scattered clumps of collagen fibers to form within the vitreous. These clumps cast tiny shadows on your retina (the wallpaper that lines the inside of the eye) which you see as floaters. Typically, occasional floaters are not worrisome but if you suddenly see an increase of floaters or very large floaters accompanied by flashes of light or loss in your vision, seek an eye care provider as soon as possible as this may be an emergency situation which needs prompt attention.

Is it okay and safe to sleep in your contacts?

No, it is never safe to sleep in contacts. Any time you sleep or nap in your contacts, you reduce the amount of healthy tear exchange and oxygen into the eyes. As a result, the risk of complications, infections, and ulcers increase when this occurs. Even if the brand of contact lenses has been approved for extended wear to sleep in, most eye care providers advise against sleeping in contacts because of this increased risk.

What does it mean when my eyes burn and/or water all the time?

Dry eye can present with a multitude of symptoms including burning, watering, redness, foreign body sensation in the eyes, or even intermittent blur in vision. The most common treatment for dry eyes are artificial/lubricating tears. Many patients don’t realize that artificial tears only provide temporary relief to the eyes and do not address all the underlying factors that cause dry eye. Other dry eye treatments include warm compresses, lid hygiene, in-office treatments such as thermal heat expression and IPL to name a few. Come in for a FREE dry eye consultation and one of our eye care providers can provide you with more information and tailor your dry eye treatment to your specific needs.

Are store bought readers okay to use?

Yes, but only for a few and a select amount of patients. Over-the-counter readers are a low-cost, low-quality magnifier that assume the same prescription between both of the patient’s eyes. In reality, very few people have exactly the same prescription between both eyes, and although they won’t harm your overall eye health, the quality of the lens materials and picking the wrong prescription can cause patients to feel eyestrain and headaches. Your optometrist can give you the best spectacle recommendation and a personalized prescription that is tailored to your optical needs.

There's a red tender bump resembling a pimple on my eyelid, and I think it might be a stye. What should I do?

Styes are a fairly common finding on the eyelids that can be annoying and a nuisance to look at. Although they are usually caused by an infection in the oil glands of the eyelids, they generally are not contagious. When a stye first appears, it is most important to apply warm compresses with digital massage multiple times a day and right away. Many patients either do not warm compress enough or wait too long to seek treatment from an eye care provider. Styes can become much more stubborn to treat when left alone untreated.

Why am I constantly having trouble with my glasses and/or contacts?

There can be so many reasons why you might not be seeing the best you can in your corrective lenses and the cause of that can range from medical to vision related. Ocular conditions such as keratoconus, dry eye, cataracts, diabetes can all cause vision to be blurry or it can be something as simple as a change in prescription. Schedule an eye exam with our team, and one of our eye care providers will be able to give you recommendations to help you see the best you can.