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Contact Lens Exam in Costa Mesa, CA

Finding the right contact lenses can be tricky. Many people think one size fits all, but that’s not true. At One Eyecare in Costa Mesa, CA, we know the importance of a tailored fit for each individual.

Our team has years of experience in optometry, ensuring every patient gets the best care possible. We understand eye health inside out and use our knowledge to make your vision as clear and comfortable as it can be.

Uncover why a specialized contact lens exam in Costa Mesa will change how you see the world—literally.


What is a contact lens exam?

A contact lens exam specifically evaluates your eyes to determine the perfect fit for contact lenses. This comprehensive assessment goes beyond a routine eye exam, focusing on finding solutions tailored to your vision and lifestyle needs.

Importance of a Contact Lens Exam

Eye care professionals in Costa Mesa, CA, will measure your cornea and figure out the exact prescription you need for contact lenses.

This ensures that your lenses fit just right, allowing you to see clearly without risking damage to your eyes. It’s not only about getting sharp vision; it’s also about safely enjoying the comfort of wearing lenses.

What to Expect During the Exam

During your contact lens exam in Costa Mesa, CA, our eye care specialist will conduct a thorough examination to check both your overall eye health and precise vision needs. This comprehensive evaluation is essential for identifying any potential vision problems or eye health concerns at an early stage.

The examination also covers a discussion about your lifestyle habits and active pursuits to identify the most appropriate type of contact lenses for your needs.

Benefits of a Contact Lens Exam

This exam is tailored for those seeking an alternative to glasses, providing a thorough evaluation for the best contact lens fit. During the exam, you learn about your specific vision requirements while exploring different lens options.

This approach not only checks overall eye health and general vision prescription but also tailors care based on lifestyle habits. This benefits both newcomers to contact lenses and experienced users looking for top-notch care and a pleasant eye care experience.

Our Contact Lens Exam Services

Comprehensive Eye Examination

We also look for any signs of eye health problems that could not only affect your vision but also impact your overall health.

This detailed examination includes various tests that screen for common eye diseases, evaluate how well your two eyes work together, and inspect the back of your eye with cutting-edge technology.

By understanding your lifestyle habits, we can customize our advice to fit people who are always on the go and those who wear contact lenses due to specific needs.

Contact Lens Fitting and Evaluation

Our optometrists take great care when fitting and evaluating contact lenses. We accurately measure your cornea and check the overall health of your eyes to ensure a perfect fit for a comfortable vision.

This process is vital for both new and seasoned contact lens users, as it helps avoid discomfort and potential eye health problems.

Prescription for Contact Lenses

Our team in Costa Mesa specializes in creating custom prescriptions for contact lenses after conducting a detailed evaluation. This involves accurately measuring your cornea and determining the best optical prescription to meet your visual needs.

Education on Proper Contact Lens Care

Learning how to take care of your contact lenses is crucial for keeping your eyes healthy and making sure your lenses last a long time. Our eye experts guide everyone, even if it’s their first time using contact lenses, through a detailed process on the right ways to clean, store, and handle them.

Why choose us?

Our optometry practice in Costa Mesa, CA, stands out because we offer specialized contact lens exams that go beyond the basics.

We take the time to understand your lifestyle habits during the exam. This attention to detail ensures we recommend the best type of comfortable contact lenses for your active lifestyle.

Additionally, our clinic offers a delightful experience by providing education on proper care for patients’ new contacts. Opting for our services means choosing experts who prioritize your vision comfort and health above all else.

The Road to Enhanced Sight and Comfort Starts Here: Schedule Your Contact Lens Exam Today!

Ensuring proper vision and eye health starts with a specialized contact lens exam for the residents of Costa Mesa, CA. With an array of services, including comprehensive examinations and access to top contact lens brands, your vision care is in expert hands.

If you’re considering contact lenses, why wait? Reach out to One Eyecare today and take the first step towards enhanced sight and comfort!