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Our Practice

Custom Eye Care Every Time

We are passionate about taking care of people and their eyes. Our approach to your vision is personal every time.

Whether you’re here for your regular eye exam, seeking dry eye therapy, shopping for stunning new glasses, or pursuing myopia management for your child, we’ll take the time to get to know you and your needs.

For us, it’s simple: one-on-one time with you leads to better care.


Technology for Your Vision

Advances in eye care technology mean we can learn important information about your vision today and about risks to your future vision with a few simple, noninvasive scans.

Your appointment with us may include:

  • Detailed Optomap and optical coherence tomography (OCT) retinal imaging to assess the health of your eyes and monitor for any eye diseases.
  • Anterior segment photography to capture the details of your iris, lens, cornea, and other parts of your eye.
  • Meibography, which is a picture of the glands in your eyelids, to aid us in dry eye diagnosis and management.
  • Corneal topography to aid in the creation and fitting of specialty contact lenses.
  • Axial length measurement (the length of the eye from front to back) as part of a child’s myopia management plan.